Art & Handicraft

Our product range includes mainly decoration-related items. Serial production is not our goal, all the products are high quality, unique, Finnish handicraft.

Here are a few product examples.

  • Interior boards. Send a photo, we'll create interior board from it using the colors of your choice. You can choose also the board size.
  • Invitation cards. Describe how your invitation card should look like. You will get a free price estimate before ordering the cards. Al thel cards are hand made.
  • Watercolour paintings. There are some paintings in stock, we'll create new ones according to your taste.
  • Garden statues. Made from recycling materials to save the environment.
  • Plush toys. For example, the toys in the left picture. There are some in the stock.

All the service is personal. You will get a free price estimate before ordering our products. Products in the stock do not cost you much money.

Have you found an interesting design idea but are not be able to implement it by yourself? Contact us to implement an idea for you. Subcontracting included!


Some of the products can be found ready from stock. We sell our products also at other locations, for example at Wanha Markki. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in selling our products.


Please, contact us using the form below or send a message via Facebook. Thank you.

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